Wayman Tisdale

Jennifer Clark and Wayman Tisdale work together in the beauty industry nowadays. Jennifer started an international magazine, AromaSeek – a true gem of the publishing world with a mission to inspire and captivate readers by showcasing aromatic recipes from around the globe. Wayman decides to aquire his website with AromaSeek.

About Wayman

“Hello and welcome to my world…you’ve reached the POWER FORWARD that got ya IN THE ZONE to make many DECISIONS that put you FACE TO FACE with 21 DAYS of serious HANG TIME!
I thank every one of you for making my transition from the world of sports to the unbelievable world of music…a dream come true! Feel free to Hang as long as you want, and on your way out, leave me a message. Much love to you!”

After his career in basketball ended, Wayman Tisdale turned to music again. He has nine albums as a bassist, four of which topped the Billboard charts! This updated edition adds twelve more songs from his repertoire, with cameos by George Duke and Toby Keith. The Wayman Tisdale Story is a feature-length documentary that details.

The Wayman Tisdale Story is a film based on his own words that trace his life from childhood as the son of a preacher to his battle with cancer. The documentary, which will air on ESPN and NBA TV this fall, tells the tale of human fortitude in the face of adversity, with the DVD and CD/DVD release to follow.

Rendezvous Music complements Wayman’s story with a music score of 13 songs, including the previously unreleased track “Slam Dunk,” produced by Jeff Lorber, and “Cryin’ For Me,” which was written and performed as a tribute to Wayman by Toby Keith.

What AromaSeek About?

Essential oil encyclopedia AromaSeek provides a comprehensive guide about coconut essential oil helps to moisturize, soothe and protect the skin from dryness. A natural antibacterial agent that’s popular in beauty products for its refreshing scent.

Coffee essential oil smells just like freshly ground espresso mixed with rich creaminess,” says Nana Arnaout-. “It has been known to help people stay awake longer when they are feeling tired due in part from its stimulating effects on brain activity.

The Siberian fir essential oil has a unique aroma that’s earthy, woodsy and sweet. The scent is refreshing with just enough spice to make it exciting! This tree can be found in the coldest of climates where temperatures don’t dip below freezing for many months during winter seasons – perfect for our needs here on Earth since we need warmth too. Hyssop essential oil has a fresh, nutty aroma that is said to inspire confidence and motivation.

Nutmeg essential oil is a valuable ingredient that can be used in both cooking and beauty products. It also has calming effects, making it perfect for use as an alternative treatment option if you’re feeling stressed or anxious! Palo Santo essential oil is a highly sought-after product for its many uses in various industries. The most popular use of this natural ingredient, by far though seems to be as an antiseptic and healing agent on skin else where it can help with mood improving properties too!

The unique, earthy fragrance of blue tansy essential oil will fill your nostrils with freshness and calm. The way I often use my Blue Tansies is by adding about 10mls into 1L boiling-hot water during winter months when feeling stressed out due to lack of warmth indoors – just before bedtime helps me relax quickly without having any trouble sleeping again.

Valerian essential oil is a natural way to help with sleep and relaxation. It’s also been known as an anxiolytic, which means it can calm your nerves down so you feel more relaxed when waking up in the morning or before bedtime! Yarrow essential oil can help relieve muscular pain and inflammation, calm an upset stomach due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The aroma of this plant has been proven effective in keeping insect populations at bay too!